About Us

  • Phenomenal Beers

    Beers brewed by the Asuras themselves using otherworldly flavours and worldly flavours to get your soul soaring. Handcrafted by the mischievous devils our brews guarantee a great drink.

  • Exquisite Food

    Our great chefs can whip up anything you can think of from Indian food to Sushi we have you covered. Don’t hesitate to ask if we have a particular dish, we probably do.

  • Stunning Space

    Overlooking the vast lake in the middle, our open air restaurant let’s you enjoy all the good things in life, Bangalore weather, great music and hand crafted beers. Even our fish are handpicked to make sure that all your experiences are perfect.

  • Absolute Entertainment

    With live bands filling the air with foot tapping music once a week & bar tenders who have tricks that you haven’t even witnessed in a circus, Big Brewsky offers a wholesome entertainment package.